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Refurbished, Redeveloped & Reopened – The Mount Hotel

by Keerat

By Scott Bernard, Director - The Mount Hotel Country Manor


Aspen Leisure Acquired The Mount Hotel from the receivers in May 2011, and the uphill battle started there. Due to lack of investment in both the team and the building the hotel had a poor reputation, we delivered circa £150,000 worth of wedding that had no money attached to the due to the receivership, this was the beginning of our rebuilding process.

We refurbished and redeveloped every inch of our facility’s multiple time over the next decade and in 2019 won no less than 23 regional and national hospitality and Business Awards some of which against multinational brands, we were about to break ground on building a luxury spa facilities in the grounds and due to start the work April 2020 little did we know that everything we knew was about to come crashing to a halt.



On the 23rd March 2020 we closed our doors, I held a management meeting where we attempted to get our head around t...

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