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The Foolishness & Wisdom of Impostor Syndrome

By Steven Adjei

by Keerat

“The Impostor” – Courtesy: Kuenyehia Trust for African Contemporary Art, Accra, Ghana. Used with permission.
‘Perhaps I was blind to the facts
Will I succeed, I’m just paranoid….
And hocus pocus try to focus but I couldn’t see
And in my mind, I’m a blind man doin’ time
Recollect your thoughts don’t get caught up in the mix.’
• Only God Can Judge Me – 2Pac


This picture above reminded me of the day I embarrassingly fluffed up my lines when I was invited to be a guest for my first UK podcast – one of the UK’s biggest.

I had just become a brand-new best-selling author, off the races, brimming with confidence.

I thought my dream of become a millionaire had finally come through.

The host began by asking me the normal questions, Who I was, What I did for a living, Why I decided to become an author, and all that jazz. That part was easy.

Then came the big question:

‘’Can you distil the essence of your book, Pay The Price in 2 minutes for our listeners’’?


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