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Piers Dunhill: My Vision For A Greener Future

By Steve Loader

by Keerat

Piers Dunhill, Founder - Dunhill Ventures


Steve Loader


Dunhill heir helping to develop financial ‘soft power’ of world’s wealthy families

PROMISING start-up businesses often struggle to fund potentially world-changing tech projects, due to turbulence in traditional banking and venture capitalism since the turn of the millennium.

Some have been helped by crowdfunding – a popular avenue for capital in the USA – but a well-connected British entrepreneur is also introducing promising companies to the sometimes unnoticed yet powerful world of family offices.

These private wealth management vehicles are each established by a ultra-high-net-worth family to deliver services typically including investment management, financial planning, estate and tax planning, philanthropic investing, and concierge services. Each one would typically administer at least $50 million worth of assets.

But P...

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