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The Digital Dimension To Servant Leadership

by Keerat

by Herminder K Channa OBE JP, Executive Principal – Ark Boulton Academy


Once in a generation, we can reimagine how we work. In the 1800’s, the Industrial Revolution moved many in Europe and the United States from fields to factories. In the 1940’s, World War II brought women into the workforce at unprecedented rates.

In the 1990’s, the explosion of PCs and email drove a rapid increase in productivity and the speed of decision making, ushering in the digital age as we know it today. And in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic drove employees out of offices to work from home.

Thanks to the development and wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, 2021 presents another such opportunity. The return to the workplace is a chance to create a new, more flexible, and effective operating model that works for companies and people navigating a world of increasing uncertainty.

There are a few key questions employers will need to explore as they enter flexible working arrangements; How wi...

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