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5 Lessons Learned While Selling A Business

by Keerat

By Ross Coombes, Financial Planning Director – Investec Wealth & Investment – ross.coombes@investecwin.co.uk


Investec Wealth & Investment works with a number of entrepreneurs who want to protect and grow their business. Our team can help you to achieve your financial objectives and gain peace of mind for the future.

Communications entrepreneur Olly Swanton was supported by IW&I when he sold his agency Way to Blue. Here are the lessons he learned from the process and how he worked with our financial planning team.

1. Create An Exit Strategy Before You Sell
Exiting a business can be challenging for any entrepreneur and when Olly Swanton considered selling global communications agency Way to Blue, he needed to separate himself from day-to-day operations.

“After speaking with my colleagues, I decided that a three-to-five year earn-out was probably not the sale structure that would make me happy. So the realisation that I had to quickly come to was...

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