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Suits You, Sir – How Michael Added A Touch of Luxury To The Gypsy Billionaire

By Laurie Stone, Editor At Large

by Keerat

Laurie Stone


BILLIONAIRE Alfie Best is now Britain’s Best Dressed Gypsy – thanks to tailor to the stars Michael Frackowiak.

Alfie wore the £5,000 ivory-coloured three-piece suit Michael had made exclusively for him for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival at the launch of the documentary on his life, titled Gypsy Billionaire.

Fittingly, the stylish outfit has the words ‘Billionaire Gypsy’ sewn into the lapels and Michael flew from his home in Liverpool to France for the screening of the film, produced by the multi-award-winning English actor and filmmaker Joel Van der Molen.

“We had a mad few days putting the final touches to the suit and then dashing from my studio to Cannes in time to hand over the suit,” says Michael. “But it was worth it. I was so proud to see Alfie wearing my creation at the launch.

“It comprised three distinct pieces: an ivory jacket, a black double-breasted barathea wool waistcoat, and trousers fashioned from the finest, silken wool.

“There were lots of personalised touches and bespoke details, too, particularly the lapels which I believed were a canvas for artistic expression “The end product was truly one-of-a-kind – a testament to the exceptional individual who wore it.”

Alfie couldn’t have been happier, saying: “I was absolutely delighted with everything about the suit. It’s more than just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle and business statement as well. Whatever it cost it made me feel like a million dollars!”

The VIP launch party for Alfie’s film was held aboard his £9 million superyacht Wyldecrest, named after Best’s highly successful mobile home parks company, Wyldecrest Parks. Guests included movie movers and shakers, entrepreneurs and socialite Lady Victoria Hervey.


Michael, 41, who was born in Poland, has completed an incredible rag trade-to-riches story after coming to the UK 19 years ago.

After graduating as a Master of Science, he started out as an electrical engineer and one of his final projects was working on underground gas pipelines in Germany in 2010.

But he always had a burning passion to become a bespoke tailor. “I was that weird guy turning up for engineering meetings in a bow-tie and suit,” he said. “I just loved the feel of wearing the best clothes. It was luxury that I was after not building gas pipelines!”

Now Michael has achieved his dream with a studio in swanky Berkeley Square in London’s West End and another in Liverpool’s landmark Royal Albert Dock district.

It’s a question of ‘have tape measure will travel’ for Michael who jets around the world making bespoke suits and jackets for high-end clients in America, the Middle East, Monaco, Germany, Spain and his native Poland.

Apart from Best, who was so impressed with Michael’s creativity that he agreed to become a brand ambassador to Frackowiak, his other clients include leading footballers such as former Liverpool ace Roberto Firmino, who has just switched from the Merseyside club to Saudi Arabia in a multimillion-pound deal.



But who is Michael’s ideal client? “It’s the CEO, the owner, the founder – the individuals who possess resources but find themselves short on time,” he says.

“These busy visionaries understand the value of making a powerful statement through their personal style, yet they lack the luxury of investing countless hours into the pursuit of fashion perfection.”

Intriguingly, Michael has introduced a ground-breaking feature that he feels has revolutionised bespoke tailoring—the custom lining.

He adds: “This allows clients to personalise their suits with individual images, graphics, or symbols, elevating their uniqueness to new heights. Imagine a CEO donning a bespoke suit adorned with their company logo, exuding confidence and inspiring those around them.”



Michael, who also has a YouTube channel on – yes, you’ve guessed it – style, is married to Marta, 40, a GP, and they have a four-year-old daughter Nel. It hasn’t happened yet, but it seams like Michael might be on the way to sewing up the bespoke designer suit market.



Michael says power dressing is the ability to exude confidence and authority. He feels it’s an important consideration for any business leader.

“Knowing when you need to look good in a suit is crucial,” he says.

“Entrepreneurs should tailor their attire based on the specific context and message they want to convey.

“Whether it’s projecting authority in a power suit, exuding versatility in a classic two-piece, or embracing a balanced demeanour in smart casuals, the key to power dressing lies in understanding and adapting to different business environments and situations.



“So, I believe a well-curated wardrobe empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their image and command respect in any setting.

“I don’t agree with anyone who says one should only wear business casual or T-shirts to work because if you had an audience with the King, I bet you would wear your best suit, and tie and you would most likely, for the first time in your life, polish your shoes!

“So, it’s all down to audience and context.

“The right suit tells the right story in the right setting.”



Entrepreneurs are urged to keep it simple yet impactful by using Michael’s Three-colour code.

Here are his three go-to-choices:

Elevate with Elegance: Navy Blue, Crisp White, and Subtle Grey

Embrace the classic combination of navy-blue chinos, crisp white sneakers, and a subtle grey top. Navy exudes authority, while white conveys cleanliness and confidence. Add a touch of grey for a sophisticated edge.

This trio will ensure you stand out for all the right reasons.


Powerful Professionalism: Charcoal, Burgundy, and Cream

Exude professionalism with a mix of charcoal blazer, burgundy trousers, and cream turtleneck. Charcoal grey brings a sense of gravitas, while burgundy exudes ambition and determination. A touch of cream adds elegance and balance. The perfect blend for commanding attention in any room.

Creativeness and Confidence: Olive Green, Tan, and Navy Blue

For a touch of creativity and confidence, embrace olive green jacket, tan shirt, and navy-blue jeans with navy-blue shoes. Olive green symbolises growth and innovation, tan exudes approachability, and navy blue adds a dash of authority. The blend of these colours showcases a dynamic and versatile entrepreneur.

Remember, it’s not all about flashy logos or fashion labels – it’s about projecting your vision and personality through a thoughtful and polished colour palette.

So, keep it simple and follow the Three-colour-code.

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