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Frederick Gentile - Director Of Risk Engagement
As we begin to adjust to a new post-COVID-19 world it is becoming increasingly clear that  challenging times may be ahead. However, the prudent organizations will look at the pandemic from a proactive stance and imagine how they can create benefit and value for themselves as well as their clients. This article considers some of the challenges that we face through the lenses of business resilience, climate and geopolitics.
Business resilience
A common concern over the last six months has been the issue of supply chain continuity.

China, the world’s leading producer of personal protective equipment, has been hit hard by COVID-19 with over 84,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of July 30, 2020 (mainland). Although production and supply chain capacity has been restored the economy contracted by 6.8 percent (yoy) in Q1, preoccupations around trade relations with the United States continue and civil tensions in Hong Kong pers...

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