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Leading A University During A Pandemic

by The Business Influencer

Professor Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton

Without a doubt this has been the most challenging period in my career.  As a University academic who loves teaching, research and engaging with communities and industry, the pandemic has been a fundamental challenge of leadership, commitment and values.

Like many others, we could see the pandemic coming.  My son for example was several weeks into the Barcelona lockdown and, as a University, we had already witnessed the closure of the courses that we teach in Hong Kong for different reasons. However, seeing it coming is very different to actually experiencing it.
As a University, we have a particular culture and a set of values which may be different to those of other organisations.  We do seek to make small surpluses to re-invest in development but we are a non-profit making organisation.  We are committed to being the University of Opportunity; a significant proportion of our students are from lo...

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