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“Move Over Warren Buffet, Congress Has You Beat”

By Ken Mahoney

by Keerat

Ken Mahoney, CEO – Mahoney Asset Management, financial/market analyst, book author and TV co-host on US NO1 business TV channel Fox Business Network

A 2022 Wrap-Up Of Congress Stock Trades
Featured Author: Theodore D. Stavetski from Do Not Save Money, a financial newsletter that sends you one new money-making idea every Wednesday.

2022 is officially in the rearview, which means this is a perfect time to reflect on some of the biggest stock trades made by our elected officials. Without further ado, let’s jump into a 2022 wrap-up of Congress stock trades.

Why ban congressional stock trading?
Sitting members of Congress are legally allowed to trade individual stocks as long as they disclose their trades within 45 days. But, why is this even an issue? After all, they’re Americans just like us and should be allowed to own stocks. Right?

The main issue is that stock prices move based on new information. Most investors like us get all of their information at the ...

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