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Too Busy To Relax? 5 Innovative Ways To Achieve Results In Minutes

By Nadja Atwal & Uchenna Mmuo

by Keerat

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On many people’s list of New Year resolutions we find “more me time” tied in with the mere hope for less stress. Yet the hectic work schedule is likely to win, ranging from attending board meetings, organizing official documents, reviewing worksheets and most importantly monitoring the daily affair of the organization.

Add family responsibilities, doctors’ appointments and emergencies and you are way beyond what could be fixed with a weekend getaway. In worst case scenario all these strenuous activities, anxiety, fatigue, depression, lack of sleep lead to severe physical health issues.

So instead of waiting for that occasional sweet escape, it’s wiser to incorporate little breaks for serious self-care and make them part of your everyday life. We researched and tried countless promising techniques and gadgets.

Here are five relaxation solutions for busy professionals we ended up loving:


Deep Oasis Relaxation Therapy

The advent of science and technology has made relaxation extremely exciting. Unlike the usual mode of massage which is physically carried out by therapists, the deep oasis relaxation therapy system consists of a high-end 4D massage system that ultimately relaxes the muscles. This massage chair has various unique features like its use of rotating 3D airbags, virtual reality goggles for audiovisual relaxation, and foot and hand massage to eliminate anxiety.



In addition to this, the device also performs an automatic body scan where it analyzes the height, weight and body shape of the individual. With its unique space-saving design, the massage chair is ideal for residential and commercial use. You ll spot them in the mansions of the wolves of Wallstreet and at the new offices of health conscious Silicon valley start-uplers (likely paid for with a round of serious seed founding) .

Regular mortals flock to the growing number of lounges, hotels and health clubs where these chairs and other Deep Oasis innovations (that are backed by solid medical studies) are offered.


InvoSpa Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Designed with 8 kneading nodes and an infrared heat function, the InvoSpa Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager provides deep massage to the neck and back. It has a three-speed strength level which allows one to decide the amount of pressure needed during a massage and a regulated in-built timer which automatically goes off after 15mins.

Also, the inclusion of a wall power adapter and a car charger makes it convenient for business leaders to have a self-massage anywhere, be it in the home, office or car. The importance of this device cannot be overemphasized as it not only helps to relieve muscle aches during work hours but also promotes the circulation of blood.


HealthyLine’s Mat

Creating time to relax on Healthyline’s mat is a great way for business leaders to reduce stress and inject some additional health benefits .. With its combination of PEMF therapy, Far Infrared therapy, Hot Gemstones therapy, Negative Ion therapy, and Photon Light therapy, Healthyline’s mat offers a complete wellness experience for soothing relief.

A remarkable benefit of this mat is that it serves as heating pads for muscles and joint pain relief, stiffness, spasm, backache, sprains, arthritis, etc. Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow outed herself as a happy user of this both eye and body pleasing mat. it has become a bestseller for both home use and traveling.


RENPHO Eye Massager

Undoubtedly, stress and anxiety lead to headaches and eye strain. So, another way to ease of stress is to slip into relaxation mode with RENPHO Eye massager. After a long exposure to bright light during the day’s activity, this device with in-built heating pads between 104 and 107°F relaxes the eyes and enables deeper sleep.

A great feature of this eye massager is the built-in wireless Bluetooth which can be connected to a smartphone or other media devices. Hence while cool and inspirational music is being listened to, the heating pad provides warmth and soothing relaxation to the eyes. It is important to note that people who suffer from cataracts, retina conditions or have undergone eye surgery should not use this device.


Meditation Apps

The use of various meditation apps available on mobile phones is a great way to relieve stress and eliminate thoughts that make one feel nervous. Apps like Calm, Breethe and headspace offer various styles and techniques for different kinds of meditative activities inspired by breathing, sleep, focus and spirituality.

Breethe app with its unique music playlist, bedtime readings and nature sounds help to promote better sleep and rest. Similarly, the headspace app with its large library of meditation activities also offers music and storytelling features but is better suitable for beginners as it provides a foundation for them to build on lower meditation sessions before advancing to the next. These apps help to promote body relaxation, decrease blood pressure and lower the heart rate.

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