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Moment Of Truth In International Education

By Supriyo Chaudhuri

by Keerat

Supriyo Chaudhuri, Trustee – Bridge India


International student migration ebbs and flows. We have seen the tide rise just before the pandemic and just after. But what goes up always comes down.

The international student flow is a big industry where fortunes have been made. The sector has its conferences, awards, rankings, Gurus, retreats, and the works! It has grown manifold over the years and expanded in lockstep with the growth of China, India, and the rest. The middle classes grew precisely at the time when managerialism and retrenchment of public funds hit the universities in Europe, North America, and Australia. So, Champagne flowed!

The sector is built on a set of interlocking stories: The destination countries, such as the UK, get access to skilled professionals. The diversity of the student population helps the universities and students get opportunities and exposure. Last but not the least, most students eventually go back, and their home countries gain ...

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