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The Benefits of AI in Manufacturing

Christopher Greenough Interviews Michael Mateer (Founder of AI Easi)

by Keerat

Christopher Greenough, Chief Commercial Officer - SDE Technology


With the current buzzword in business being AI, I wanted to look at how manufacturers can start to unlock productivity improvements within their businesses to make real strides in terms of savings of both time and money.

At the forefront of such a key technology revolution, do we have the information we need to make the right choices, or are the buzz words simply just that……

So, I turned to an expert in the AI arena, Michael Mateer, founder of AI Easi and all-round marketing and technology guru. I wanted to find out how we could enable and accelerate the roll out of AI into the UK manufacturing sector, and address some of the concerns that smaller businesses have.


What are the top benefits of integrating AI into manufacturing processes from your perspective?
Michael M. - The top benefit is enhanced customer service. The quick win is that AI chatbots can be integrated to manage ...

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