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Model’s Catwalk Brush With Disaster Has A Happy Ending

By Laurie Stone, Editor At Large

by Keerat

Laurie Stone


FASHION MODEL Sara Nilsen’s brush with disaster on the Paris catwalk has led her to produce a revolutionary new hair product.

Norway-born Sara, 30, will never forget the modelling assignment that ruined her hair – but more than 20 years on she is hoping the experience will earn her success in the multi-billion-pound beauty market here in the UK.

“I was traumatised by what happened to me in Paris,” says Sara. “I went through 12 different chemical treatments within days: blonde to light brunette, to blonde again, to bronze highlights and worse.

“It destroyed my hair and I totally regret it, but it made me care more for my hair, which had always been down to my bum before that.


“Nevertheless, it wasn’t until about four years ago that it regained the health I lost. In the process, I tried many hairbrushes, from £1 to £250 and realised money doesn’t always buy you the best.

“One brush ...

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