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By Mark Robinson

by Keerat

Mark Robinson, Founding Partner & Managing Director - Creative62


Winston Churchill said, 'The price of greatness is responsibility.' Nobody in business plans for greatness. It's more about success. But as leaders, we take on a level of responsibility that others might never experience. Greatness comes from the opportunities or privileges you have as leaders and what you do with them.

It comes from your decisions and where you take a business over time. It is the successes you create and the legacies you leave behind. Essentially, it's the brand you establish for the company and the one you inadvertently create for yourself.

It's incredible to look at some great brands worldwide, realising many started in tiny offices or even garages before garage conversions became popular. Names that come to mind are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and even Walt Disney and his brother, to name just a few.

What was i...

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