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How COVID Kiboshed My Plans For The USA

by Keerat

Paul Rowlett, CEO / Founder - Everything Branded

Interview by Ninder Johal


How does an individual kicked out to school to ‘enjoy extended home study’ build a multimillion-pound business in the centre of the East Midlands, set up offices in the US in Feb 2020 only to then to find themselves ‘punched in the mouth ‘by COVID 19?

You only have to log onto LinkedIn, and it is obvious that Paul who is an avid fan of his home team – Leicester City - has boundless energy, limitless confidence, and positivity.
‘I still remember like it was yesterday’, recalls Paul, ‘I was 15 and the school had given up on me - justifiably – I had an attendance of 51% and they asked me to leave school early and concentrate on getting a job and in the meantime to ‘enjoy an extended study leave’.
He recalls his first job – window cleaning – it was very hard work, but it was very well paid in relative terms. It taught him the principle of hard work. I enjoyed the cut and trust of selling. I can ...

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