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Has Covid Moved The Future?

by Keerat

by James Bryant, Chief Revenue Officer - Green Light Change


In 2017 an article by Paul Sakuma in Wired entitled ‘Even Steve Jobs Didn’t predict the i-phone decade’i, points out that Job’s intention in the I-phone was to create an IPod that made phone calls and that he didn’t foresee the growth of Apps or the desire to be continually connected to the internet and other people. Prediction is fraught with danger, however the good thing is that if I get it right it will be remembered and if I get it wring it is most likely to be totally forgotten!

The sudden rapid growth of the ‘mobile device’ can be explained by satisfaction of a market need, specifically in giving the user new ways of behaving that they like and want. The mobile phone isn’t a phone: it is a personal device that connects the user with a menu of personalised behavioural choices.
So to predict the direction of technology we first need to understand the behavioural desires of the majority and at this specifi...

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