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Equipping The Recovery

by Keerat

Gareth Jones, Managing Director - In-Comm Training

Article by Amar Johal





Business Influencer talks skills agenda, recovery and strategic industrial partnerships with Bekki Phillips and Gareth Jones, the two driving forces behind In-Comm Training.

Covid-19 has shaken the very foundations of the global economy, but, on a rare positive note, it has given parts of industry the opportunity to have some valuable thinking time.

With volumes reduced or, in some cases, temporarily halted, management teams have been able to consider what the ‘new normal’ will look like and what skills they will need moving forward.

The pandemic has forced leaders to analyse their skill base to make tough decisions such as which job roles to furlough, organisational restructuring, turning their attention to new markets.

This analysis should not be wasted, but further developed as it has finetuned what the critical skills are for growth, diversity and susta...

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