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Entrepreneurship & Mental Wellbeing

By Hiten Bhatt

by Keerat

Hiten Bhatt, Founder - Be Great Training


Entrepreneurs take risks, they have other people working for them for whom they sometimes feel a deep sense of responsibility and duty towards as well as often feeling this sense of responsibility towards their customers and clients. Entrepreneurs find themselves in the thick of battle on a daily basis, working under pressure, dealing with unexpected challenges and always thinking of ways of how to be faster, better, more innovative than the competition and bring value to the market. Building a sustainable, profitable, successful business involves a lot of hard work, sacrifice and can be very stressful at times. For these reasons it is so important for entrepreneurs in particular to pay attention to and actively care for their mental wellbeing.

The Covid-19 global pandemic was a major disruptor, it disrupted economics, it disrupted the way we work and it disrupted human behaviour. The pandemic not only impacted people’s physical ...

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