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Porscia Yeganeh- Shaking Up The Fashion Industry

by Keerat

Porscia Yeganeh

Article By Ninder Johal


A quick glance at the company website which bears her name instantly strikes you as different. The design of both the products and their pricing is more than a hint at exclusivity. At the helm is the impressive and highly driven Porscia Yeganeh. An entrepreneur whose sole mission is to produce the ‘best luxury handbags, belts, and wallets’.

With prices into their thousands of euros and with artisan craftwork at its heart, this lady is giving the traditional luxury brands a ‘run for their money’. She sells all her products direct to the consumer and has experienced a record year during COVID. By eschewing traditional high-end retailers and by selling direct, her distribution strategy led to record turnover and profits (the best ever she admits) during a global shutdown.

Why eschew retailers who are queuing to take her products?
‘I wanted my products to be exclusive and in this discerning marketplace where every custo...

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