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Crystal Ball Gazing

By Carl Richardson

by Keerat

Carl Richardson, Joint Managing Partner - Richardson Capital LLP

The unexpected turbulence experienced throughout the world in 2022 demonstrates exactly why there is no future in crystal ball gazing.

Few would have predicted the events of the past twelve months, yet, as 2023 dawns to a close, businesses will continue to evaluate a host of economic factors in order to plan effectively for the future.

After all, it is only by doing this and generating business growth that jobs are created and taxes raised, which ultimately pays for our public services.


While our crystal ball is certainly no clearer than anybody else’s, as a family business with interests around the world here are three high-level global business themes for consideration as we look ahead to the new year.

• Enduring strength of the US.
• Can we talk about Europe?
• Asia’s century continues.

Enduring Strength of the US
As we enter 2023, the US remains the world’s largest economy by...

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