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Business Transformation In Current Times

by Keerat

By Greg Enenmoh, Head of Professional Services - Counterpart


The word ‘Transformation’ is used often with good reason. From the birth of the universe and throughout our lifetimes everything around us has always been in constant flux. Nothing ever remains the same. No, not even death and taxes despite the popular idiom.

So, what is Business Transformation? It is a fundamental change in business operations. This shift or realignment is defined by a change management strategy that will help your organisation improve productivity, increase growth and add value.



As the world moves firmly into a new decade, we have seen an acceleration of global factors increasingly and directly affecting all of us. According to a Gartner list, there is several factors ‘driving business disruption’.

Global Pandemic
The economic and human impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is well documented and discussed; the positives included a temporary fall in carbon em...

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