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Are You On The Right Train?

by Keerat

By Dr Lizzy Bernthal - Sixth Sense Consulting


Are you on the right train, on the right track going to the right destination?

Why are you here on this planet?!

Have you even thought about this or ever dreamed that you could love work so much that it doesn’t feel like you are working at all?!

So, what is your train, your track and so your purpose and the legacy that you want to create?

This is both individually and as part of this extraordinary collaborative community of Collaboration Global.


Do you jump out of bed each morning excited about what you are going to create? Or…. ‘‘Alright for you, impossible for me, a pipe dream– just need to get through my day thanks!” Are you feeling a little burnt out? I thought and felt like that too until I found my purpose. So how did I found my train and track – my purpose and the legacy that I want to create. How can you find yours? ‘WHY’ is it important?



So, what does ‘purpose’ me...

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