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Business Influencer In A Time of Crisis

By John O’Brien MBE

by Keerat

John O’Brien MBE, Founder - Anthropy


The last two years have bought with them extraordinary challenges for UK businesses. Whether it has been the impact upon our livelihoods, on our communities, or our families, we have all had to grapple with the unexpected and perhaps in some cases tragic consequences of Covid.

This made me acutely aware that alongside leading the businesses I am involved with, I also have an influence on others, in my supply chain, my clients, my general network and via publications like this; ‘The Business Influencer’. It also made me appreciate my role as a business leader and the responsibility to support those impacted by the business.

Personally, as a leader of a consortium of marketing, digital and PR agencies, I have seen the impact which the pandemic has had on our clients, our wider economy and wider society including our children’s education, the mental welfare of employees and more yet to be fully understood. The Covid pandemic highligh...

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