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“It’s A State of Mind”

By Carl Richardson

by Keerat

By Carl Richardson - Richardsons


In the first of a series of three articles, Carl Richardson encourages businesses to accept the current wave of uncertainties and embrace the opportunities that exist on the flip side of the same coin.

Writing from the perspective of a West Midlands business that has been fortunate to have enjoyed a measure of success over the past seventy years of trading, subsequent articles will discuss the importance of establishing a national plan for the UK economy, and why driving exports and international trade is so critical to economic growth.

“It’s A State of Mind”
These simple words have been used in recruitment campaigns for our Royal Marines for many years, emphasising the power of mental resilience and fortitude in overcoming adversity and consistently achieving goals in the face of what can seem like overwhelming obstacles. Right now, with the world facing what feels like a whole series of generational threats, challenges and ...

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