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Book Recommendations – Andy Bass

By Andy Bass

by Keerat

Andy Bass - Author of Start With What Works: a faster way to grow your business, and Principal Consultant at BassClusker Consulting.

What I Do
I help organizations to create committed action and faster growth. I do this by showing leaders how to find and use their ‘Hidden Gold’ – valuable, overlooked resources that they have already. I have also taught executives at the business schools of Oxford, Warwick, Strathclyde and Aston.

Why Leaders Should Read To Improve Their Leadership
The world is obviously changing incredibly quickly. Action learning pioneer Reg Revans formulated this ‘law’ about keeping up: “For an organization to survive, its rate of learning must be at least equal to the rate of change in its external environment.” That’s even more true for the leaders of those organizations. Reading great business books can help enormously.

The Books
I’ve picked three very different books. One is a timeless classic about the fundamentals of business ...

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