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Beyond The Ordinary

By Laurie Stone, Editor At Large

by Keerat

Laurie Stone


That’s what the public demands – whether it’s the ultimate sporting occasion or a live gig by a world-class superstar

The Business Influencer Editor-at-Large LAURIE STONE meets up with leisure industry expert MIKE DRISCOLL, CEO of Wyldecrest Events.

PUBBING and clubbing used to be the way people chose to spend their down time, but the Covid-19 pandemic allied to shifting trends, has changed all that. Gone are the days when a night out simply meant heading to the nearest pub or club.


Mike Driscoll (L) & Aflie Best (R)

Nowadays, people are increasingly seeking out event experiences that offer something a little different and more meaningful. Driscoll, who is in partnership with Gypsy Billionaire business king Alfie Best, explains: “There are a number of factors driving this move towards more exciting ‘going out’...

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