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Across the West Midlands, the human impact of the coronavirus has been devastating. It has left people mourning relatives, friends and neighbours, while separating us from our loved ones. None of us ever imagined we would have to experience something like this in our lifetime.


But as well as the public health crisis, the spread of Coronavirus has also caused an economic crisis. And as we appear to be through the peak of the virus and the number of cases across the West Midlands dwindle, it is time to look at how we save our economy.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has predicted a 35% hit to national GDP, with the possibility that the effect on economic growth could be felt for many years. In the West Midlands, 79% of businesses in the area have seen a drop in their income and thousands of workers have been furloughed.

When coronavirus hit, the West Midlands was in robust economic health. The region had record employment levels, good inward invest...

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