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Where Does COVID-19 Leave The Arts?

by The Business Influencer

How is the industry coping with this crisis?
It has been very difficult for the live performance sector.  I remember vividly seeing the PM’s announcement that theatres should close at 5pm one evening, and we already had audience starting to arrive for that evening’s 7.30pm performance. Everything was so sudden – the performers needed to be informed that their tour was cancelled for the indefinite future, and the audience turned for home.  Since that date mid March, the Hippodrome has remained completely closed.  Our building running costs are so high, we have effectively moth-balled the site, with all but security staff working from home.   This is typical of theatres, concert halls , comedy and live music venues around the country.   The Hippodrome’s income is almost totally derived from ticket sales and accompanying food and beverage sales- we have had only a trickle of donation revenue coming in.   What has been most difficult was lack of information pertaining to our s...

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