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The UK and India: Strength In Unity

by The Business Influencer

Dr Jason Wouhra OBE, Chair of the newly launched West Midlands India Partnership, highlights India’s growing importance for the UK, and how the West Midlands is encouraging closer collaboration between the two destinations.


A combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the UK’s pending exit from the European Union (EU), has led
countries all over the world to review existing trade and co-operation agreements.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen the benefits of international co-operation in the fight against coronavirus, either through sharing medical knowledge, or exchanging vital PPE supplies.

These uncertain times have shown the value of overseas partnerships, and there is no doubt this will increase as the global task of economic recovery becomes starker. The mantra that “there is strength in unity” has never rang truer, and our new West Midlands India Partnership embodies this feeling.

A Symbiotic Bond
The relationship between the UK and Indi...

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