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Brexit Challenges Facing Business…

by Keerat

James Sage, Partner and Head of Corporate - FBC Manby Bowdler


Brexit might be done, but there is still plenty for businesses to do to ensure they are on top of the country’s new trading arrangements, says James Sage, the lead partner in FBC Manby Bowdler’s corporate department.

It’s taken more than four years, but after all the talk, all the arguments and all the political cat and mouse games, Brexit is finally done.

But for businesses the length and breadth of the country that does not mean the hard work to prepare for a new trading regime is done.

In fact, far from it.
The immediate impact of the change in the UK’s trading status is only just beginning to be felt. The last-minute deal which guaranteed zero tariffs and no quotas was certainly a huge relief for much of the business community, but the plethora of new rules and regulations which came with it will keep us all on our toes.


In truth, there are few businesses who will not be im...

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