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The Family Business Is In Your Blood

by Keerat

Dr. Jason Wouhra OBE, CEO - Lioncroft Wholesale


Article by Keerat Rai 

Interview by Ninder Johal

This interview is also available in a Podcast on the Nachural YouTube Channel 

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Throughout his career, Dr. Jason Wouhra OBE has accumulated almost too many titles and accomplishments to count. These include an honorary doctorate, Chair of the West Midlands India Partnership, Governing Council of Aston University and President of the Asian Business Chamber.

However most people who are familiar with Jason will recognise him as the CEO of Lioncroft (formerly known as East End Foods). East End Foods was formed by Jason’s father and his four brothers in the late 1960s and remained a large and recognisable brand for a staggering 50 years.

In 2019, the company was sold to a Private Equity company but less a year later, Jason remarkably decided to buy back the wholesaling division. The Business Influencer was able...

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