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The Business of Covid-19 – The Response

by Keerat

By Gurpreet Bhatia DL,  Partner - Harbans Singh & Co Solicitor - Member Academy Transformation Trust


We were required to adapt to the Third National Lockdown in January, having last years’ experience, we had some idea of the requirements to respond. But what happens, if the Coronavirus walks into your office and spreads like wildfire, your team falling prey to its’ debilitating effect, one by one? It can harm and leave you exposed. Activating a Business Continuity plan was a redeeming feature, but functioning upon Skeleton staff, was the daunting challenge for the practice. Before I venture into our reply, a quick review of 2020.

It started with a view of a new decade, a new (Vision 2020), a kind of fresh start to grow the business. The setting in motion of exciting business plans, all being shelved due to the Pandemic and formulating a response, for something that could never have been imagined in our wildest dreams. From evaluating growth curves, to essentiall...

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