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Preparing For The Apocalypse

By Supriyo Chaudhuri

by Keerat

Supriyo Chaudhuri, Trustee – Bridge India


A lot of my work is about preparing our students for the future.

Under the general banner of employability, I have a fairly boxed-in view about the future. We deal with college students and prepare them for jobs. Slightly ambitiously, we try to prepare them so that they can be masters, rather than slaves, within the context: You should be able to choose what you will do, and once you get the job, you should be able to keep it and grow in it, we say!

Of course, more than anyone else, my colleagues and I know how hard a thing this is to achieve. The number of students in higher education and the number of middle-class jobs (the type you keep and can grow in) are completely out of sync: A vast majority of university graduates, regardless of their degrees, will not find a proper job that can build their lives.

Most will go from job to job, mostly staying at the same level all their life (job progression, the base that all ...

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