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Power To The People – The Talent Revolution

by The Business Influencer


Business models are adjusting not just because of technology but also because of people. The traditional relationship between employees and employers is under strain. People want to feel a sense of purpose, they want to make a difference, have impact, and be valued and heard. They want to feel like they are part of something. People are moving towards businesses that have made it a priority to promote their purpose and mission. This will be essential for businesses to attract, retain and grow the best talent to deliver the best work and results.

"At the same time as belonging and being part of something, the workforce of now and the future is mobile, adaptable, and flexible. Short-term on-demand talent is in high demand, and the ‘gig economy’ and freelancer sectors are growing."

People are attracted to teams of people and their brands as much as the employer brand. There is movement away from conventional employment, at times, out of necessity, and o...

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