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JLR’s Electric Dreams Leave Some Big Questions Still

by Keerat

By David Bailey, Professor – Aston Business School 


In recently setting out its new ‘Reimagine’ strategy, JLR has essentially set out a target to meet the government’s 2030 target for going electric, starting with Jaguar becoming an upmarket electric competitor to Tesla from 2025. Land Rover and Range Rover brands will still produce hybrids through to 2036 in line with government targets.

By the end of the decade, every Jaguar and Land Rover model will be offered with a Battery Electric version. Longer term, hydrogen fuel cell powered cars could feature as well, prototypes of which will start rolling on UK roads in a year’s time. And diesels will be ditched from 2026.

Overall this is a welcome move by JLR to electrify but remember that the firm is playing catch up with likes of Tesla which has eaten some of JLR’s premium sector lunch. The direction of travel is now clear but how it will meet this goal is still to be seen. Indeed, big questions remain.:

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