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Is A.I. Coming For Teachers?

by Keerat

By Matt Jones, Founder & M.D. - Oxbridge


When the average person thinks about artificial intelligence (A.I.), they probably imagine something in between Amazon's Alexa and the character; Data from Star Trek. If you're not familiar, Data is the stereotypical personification of A.I. (a human form, has no feelings and is highly intelligent).

A.I. is abundant today, used for many tasks such as recommending what you should buy online, understanding what you are saying to virtual assistants, such as Alexa, to recognise who or what is in a photo, or detect credit card misuse.

What Is A.I.?
The current definitions are pretty broad, and there's no widely accepted version, but the things described as A.I. aren't necessarily as they seem.

A lot of systems labelled as A.I. at the moment are little more than a decision engine, e.g., if this happens, then do that, and so on, or if the live chat user types in "help", then ask them what they need help with, and you k...

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