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Inspiring Everyone With The RAF Story

Royal Air Force Museum

by Keerat

Renee Coppinger, Development Manager - Royal Air Force Museum

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The Royal Air Force has been responsible for some of the greatest stories ever told … stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

The RAF has shaped our nation and our society. It has influenced how we live our lives through its impact on world events, society and technology. It has an important role to play in our future.


RAF Museum Cosford

The Royal Air Force Museum was established as a legacy of the RAF’s fiftieth anniversary. The Museum opened in London on 15 November 1972 at the site of RAF Hendon and this year marks our fiftieth anniversary. From 1979, the Museum also managed the Cosford Aerospace Museum for the MOD. which in 1998 became a site of the RAF Museum. In March 2022, the Cosford site was renamed RAF Museum Midlands and is the on...

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