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Expo 2020 Dubai & UK National Day

by Keerat

Carl Richardson, Joint Managing Partner - Richardson Capital LLP

With the world having been subjected to a raft of pandemic-related travel restrictions over the past two years, the incredible Expo 2020, currently taking place in Dubai until the end of March after a covid enforced hiatus, is the perfect antidote for those who have been missing the ability to get out and see what is happening around the globe with their own eyes.

192 countries - and one region (more on that later) – are exhibiting at the first such World Expo to take place since 2015. The scale of the event, together with the palpable sense of ambition and focus on the future that runs throughout the Expo like a golden thread, is truly impressive.

Over a few days, with a comfortable pair of shoes and good timekeeping, one might be able to visit 50 or more pavilions, each showcasing a particular theme or sector that nation wants to impress upon the visiting crowds. With daily tickets costing roughly the same ...

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