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Covid-19 Impact in Kenya

by Keerat

by Harleen Jabbal

Twitter - @harleenjabs

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It is 5pm in Nairobi and the typical peak traffic has taken over except for the noise of an ambulance every two minutes. Since the first case of covid-19 declared in Kenya on 13th March 2020, the country now has over 47,000 with over 800 deaths so far. The country has been fortunate that it has not reached critical levels such that ICU facilities have been exhausted and the need for ventilators is so dire as was in the case of Europe.

From the onset, the wisdom of the Government in monitoring the pandemic progress and lockdown effects in other countries including India, England and the United States of America certainly slowed down the spread and curb the fatalities. The major lockdown between inter-counties and then the curfew and close of religious and entertainment areas including hotels and restaurants immediately halted the large gatherings. The Government was swift to share the list of essen...

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