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COVID -19: Are Apprenticeships The Way Out?

by Keerat

by Ajai Singh


Coronavirus has wreaked unprecedented devastation to the British economy: the UK economy has plunged into our deepest recession by 20%; 1.5 million more people have claimed jobless benefits; around 3 million people are still furloughed; household names such as Cineworld and Royal Mail are announcing industrial level job losses.

With the implementation of further local lockdowns through the Government’s tier system, many businesses are still in the dark about how they will survive- with many terrified that they will not be able to weather a second lockdown. Throughout August and September, national attention was placed on education.

The Government was forced to accept teacher assessed grades in GCSEs and A Levels after it was revealed that the algorithm used to moderate these grades was biased against students from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as not being seen as a true reflection of students’ work. Around 2 million teacher assessments had been dow...

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