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Are Jobs Valuable?

By Carl Richardson

by Keerat

Carl Richardson (Pictured Left), Joint Managing Partner - Richardson Capital LLP


It is summer 2023 and here is a snapshot of the business scene in the UK; our country’s economic growth can be described as sluggish at best; meanwhile, businesses are grappling with a host of inflationary pressures and rising costs.

Hence, the private sector would likely welcome any initiative that aims to help, and to bang the drum for the role business plays in our society as a force for good. So, in that context, the launch of a new independent charity called The Jobs Foundation is certainly welcome.

Put simply, businesses – and the jobs they create – underpin our whole society through the taxes they generate. These funds are levied into the public purse and are used to pay for the public services - such as schools, hospitals and social care - that people from across society then access throughout their lives.

A core aim of business is to create wealth. While the notion of a ‘pro...

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