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5 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn

by Keerat

By Niraj Kapur, Managing Director – Everybody Works In Sales


LinkedIn needs to be part of your sales strategy

720 million users can’t be wrong.

Last year it was 650 million users, that’s why you need to be active on it now. With the introduction of the Clubhouse App, see my previous article on Business Influencer, it’s harder than ever to stand out


Here’s some more amazing stats about LinkedIn

91% of people do nothing. They don’t scroll, they don’t engage and they miss out on so much business.

8% like and comment on peoples posts. This is good for your visibility and good for the person who’s post you’re commenting on.

1% post content. This is where you get LinkedIn enquiries and business conversation.

A combination of likes and comments on other peoples posts and posting your own content is where the magic happens.

Most people haven’t been trained properly or regularly in sales, which is why most people can’t sell.

LinkedIn is no different. Most people haven’t invested in a LinkedIn trainer and are not generating the results they’re capable of.


Here’s 5 things you must do on LinkedIn to generate more business

1. Post Consistently.

So many people want the magic dust and I understand why. Telling someone they can lose weight by eating what they want is way more attractive than saying it will take months of pain, sweat, heartache and cravings to overcome your diet.

My job as a coach is to get you results, not give you the easy options.

Posting once a week or once in a while never builds momentum. Start posting twice a week, then three times a week and keep building to 5 times a week if possible. It can take 6-8 months of posting before you start getting incoming enquiries. Business is a marathon, not a sprint.


2. Post Personal Content

The faces people make when I recommend this “But LinkedIn is for business?” I hear you cry.
To a certain extent, yes. If you write personal posts every day, who will take your business seriously?
Before March 2020, I rarely did personal businesses. There’s a number of things the lockdown has taught us and becoming more human is one of them, along with storytelling and discussing the battles you’ve had to overcome. People relate to those who have had to overcome adversity.

You don’t have to showcase pictures of your children and dogs, although that does help, and performs especially well on a Sunday.

People are not judging you as much as you’re judging yourself, so don’t worry about that. Talk about your challenges. Enter the conversation in your client’s head. 80% business and 20% personal works well. People buy people. Nobody invests in my business, Everybody Works In Sales, for sales coaching or LinkedIn training. They hire me, the human being, who shares valuable content and has written books that people generate more revenue from.


3. Don’t Sell As Soon As You Connect

This is the biggest mistake people make. You lose credibility. If you keep spamming people with pointless messages, you can get blocked. Sales is relationships first and selling second. Give as much value as you can. Like and comment on your prospect’s post before connecting, they will appreciate you. Share their content with a few lines of context, they appreciate it even more.

4. Have a Headline Banner

People are inundated all day with adverts and noise from every social media app and platform. So you need to stand out. Have a Headline banner that tell people how you help them or shows people what you do makes a difference. Don’t leave it blank and don’t have pictures of the countryside unless you’re a farmer or pictures of a city skyline unless you’re an estate agent. Also, have your contact details on the banner. Make life easy for people to contact you.

The headline banner is the rectangular headline banner behind your profile picture. If it’s blank, it’s a missed opportunity. It shouldn’t have your logo plastered across it. Logos mean nothing until you’re Apple or a billion pound company.


5. Voice Notes

I don’t have time to reply to the 100+ messages I get a day on LinkedIn. I do have time to leave a 20-30 second voice note.


So how do you do this?

You need the LinkedIn mobile app. Once you’ve downloaded it, go to the person’s profile, select “message” and instead of typing up a message, hold down the microphone icon and speak.
It generates 3 times the response as phone voice mail, even though it’s the same thing.

LinkedIn is a trusted platform. Most people I speak to are pleasantly surprised when I leave a voice messaged whether it’s wishing them happy birthday or chasing them up for business. Your tone, energy and enthusiasm come through much better. This is ideal for introverts.


BONUS – Embrace Video

Video is the way forward. It has been for 6 months and will be in the future. Ideal for extroverts. Shoot a 20-30 second video and send it through LinkedIn messenger. My clients get 40% conversation on video prospecting, much higher than cold email 1%, phone 0.5% or email to existing clients 25%.

Again, your personality comes across in a way that text and email never will. This is wonderful for clients that have gone cold. It shows you have made a massive effort that the competition are not making.


Niraj Kapur is a LinkedIn Trainer, Trust Sales Coach for Business Advisors and author of the Amazon bestsellers Everybody Works In Sales and The Easy Guide To Sales For Business Owners.

He can be reached on LinkedIn or www.everybodyworksinsales.com

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