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Why We Were Hooked On Sexy Fish

By Cheryl Simmons – Restaurant Critic

by Keerat

Cheryl Simmons


Michelin gives it the thumbs up - and they’re not wrong

IF you have a yen for Japanese/Asian food matched with Japanese whisky then the Michelin Guide-approved Sexy Fish Restaurant is a must-visit.

Even so when we ventured to the Berkley Square venue in London’s glitzy Mayfair for lunch, we were not entirely sure what to expect.



But with Michelin Star chef Bjoern Weissgerber in the hot seat in the kitchen and a virtual A-Z of the finest of Japanese single malts available on the drinks menu, we had an unforgettable experience.

My partner is not a big drinker, whereas I’m a whisky lover, but I managed to persuade him to try some of the tipples on tap and he thanked me for introducing him to the delights of one of Japan’s iconic distilleries. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s first describe the stunning décor.

The Sexy Fish atmosphere is both...

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