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What Types of Market Intelligence Do You Really Need?

By Steve Parker

by Keerat

Steve Parker, Owner & Director – Steve Parker ICD (International Company Development)


Continuing with my theme of trying to help you to make strategic growth improvements to your current international operations, or to help you to start exporting and get success faster, this article has been influenced once again by a series of events that you will have been involved in. Yes you dear reader, whoever you are and wherever you are!

Let’s not be too controversial here, but there can be a ‘disconnect’ between ‘Government, Plc and public body world’ and that of the 97% plus labelled as SME’s. Let’s say that the latter are entrepreneurs, working blooming hard every day to survive and thrive and always, always, looking to the future, often without a safety net. Much to my initial surprise, I have been one of them since January 2005.

We have to temporarily look back around this time of year, to create accounts based on activity a year or more before. Particularly over the...

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