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“What Do They Mean, Stop?!” – Probuild360

by Keerat

By Michael Parinchy, Project Manager - Probuild360

Photo by Edwin Ladd


When your whole life, including your family, is built on the running of the family business;

When your work IS your leisure, because you love what you do and you live and breathe it 24/7;

When your very identity is a self-made image of you doing what you do best;

Then something changes that you have no power over, and the bottom line is “shut everything down”… well, at Probuild360, we just looked at each other, thinking, “what do they mean, stop?!”.


After the initial shock and the scary thoughts, wondering “is the end of the world as we know it?”, the Parinchy family convened to make a plan. Breaking things down into areas of consideration and handling each 1 at a time made the conversations more manageable and made for a very pragmatic approach to creating and implementing an action plan. So, there was a plan for HQ and the office staff/management, a plan for clients and pub...

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