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Trip To Ellesmere Island – In Search Of Arctic Wildlife

by Keerat

By Laurie Stone, Editor At Large


KEEPING a cool head in the midst of a worldwide pandemic has been a prerequisite for any successful businessman or woman.

So, if you’ve kept your nerve and even managed to boost your prospects and profits in these trying times, how about rewarding yourself with the ultimate test of your ability to stay imperturbable - a ‘chill-out’ adventure holiday that will help recharge your batteries for what lies ahead.

It’s a trip to remote Ellesmere Island in the Canadian High Arctic to photograph some of the most stunningly beautiful and elusive wildlife on the planet.

Run by acclaimed professional photographers David Gibbon and Joshua Holko, the trip of a lifetime will be hoping to capture – on camera of course - white Arctic wolves, Arctic hares, Arctic fox, musk oxen and Polar bears, as well as ptarmigan in their winter plumage and snowy owls.



The organisers have won countless awards for their polar photogr...

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