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Three Books to Develop Your Leadership Skills

By Dawn Whitemore

by Keerat

Dawn Whitemore, Principal & CEO - SMB College Group


Never before has strong, knowledgeable leadership been so vital to the success of our businesses, our nations, and our international community. Leadership is about directing, inspiring and motivating.

It requires the individual to acquire and nurture a number of vital skills, not least communication, perceptiveness, diplomacy, confident decision making, and so much more. It can begin at the very start of your career and take an entire lifetime to master.

Leadership can take the guise of spearheading an entire organisation, learning how to manage your first team, or simply inspiring a colleague to be the very best that they can be. The concept of Leadership is prevalent throughout both our professional and personal lives, and is an exceptionally important tool in running a successful business or organisation.



When I was asked to recommend three books that have had a tangible impact on ...

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