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The World’s Smallest Art Has A Permanent Home

by Keerat

Dr Willard Wigan MBE - Micro Sculptor


by Mani Hayre




When I first arrive at the Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery, home to Dr Willard’s microscopic sculptures, I’m immediately taken in by the light and space. It’s a fitting home for his collection.

Albert and Sarah Wallace, who own the gallery were wonderful hosts and during my time interviewing Dr Willard, made everyone feel welcome. After a quick five-minute introduction, I’m encouraged to view the display before setting up for a more formal chat with the man behind the exhibit.

It was something to behold, my mind couldn’t quite comprehend what I was seeing through the microscope.

Early Life
Dr Willard goes straight into how at the age of five; after his dog had destroyed an ant’s nest, he took it upon himself to build them tiny homes and villages. His tools were his dads razor blade and small pieces of wood, picking up leaves and grains of sand to make a worthy ho...

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