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The Woman Who Managed To Sell 2 Oil Rigs For $1bn

by Keerat

by Mani Hayre




How do you go about selling an oil rig, let alone two?
We ask the woman who managed to sell both for $1bn within four months.

Pardip Khroud, CEO & Founder - Voyager Capital Partners

What is Private Equity?
One of the first questions I asked Pardip when we first spoke as it is a term I am familiar with, but didn’t fully understand the ins and outs. Who better to ask than a woman who set up her own private equity advisory business in the last 18 months?

She graciously answered in a way that even I could understand. Private equity is an injection of cash from investors into a business to accelerate growth. It’s a faster approach than trying to grow organically, where investors will take a share in the company, but will help you to grow quicker as now you have the resources to do so.

The real key thing, however, is the support it comes with alongside the cash. For a business looking at private equity and dismissi...

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