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The Top 5 Best Communication Traits of a Successful Leader

By Steven Lewis & Rebecca Weintraub, PhD

by Keerat


Communication is the life’s blood of great leadership. Successful leaders understand that communication is a powerful tool both in what they say, what they do, and what they reward, and they tend to share certain communication traits. The traits will show up differently depending on the individual, but there are common threads that help make them successful both internally and externally as well as boosting their credibility.

Steven LewisPhoto by Robin Aronson

Rebecca Weintraub, PhDPhoto by Maggie Taplin

1. Walking The Talk
Nothing is more damaging to organizations than leadership saying one thing and doing another. Employees especially look for follow through. Only if promises are kept will vision and mission statements drive actions.

Leaders drive these promises – successful leaders ensure that their actions match...

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